Some Controllers are compatible with different cars, you will need to call one of our representatives and they will be able to tell you if it is possible.

Yes, our Throttle Controllers do come with a one year warranty.

This will cover any defect / malfuntioning or anything that may happen withing the first 12 months after your purchase.

Yes, because it has an internal memory,  the controller will always remember its last setting so there is no need to always choose your favorite setting.
Our Throttle Controller is very easy to install, it plugs in-line right on your Gas pedal harness, providing a huge improvement in throttle response, reaction time and your acceleration.

This is applicable for both Manual and Automatics.

For naturally aspirated cars, you will have a more linear, more precise and precise acceleration.

For Turbo / Supercharged vehicles, you will be able to reduce the Turbo Lag, improve the low and Mid-range performance.

No, our Throttle Controller will not void your warranty because it does not interfere with your ECU.

This is a simple Plug and Play device that can be removed anytime without modifying your original Tune.