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WOOHOO! Received mine today! Minutes to install, seconds until I was burning out and using my manual mood!

I love them, I will recommend them to all of my Camaro friends.

Looks great, very good quality. This is the way Chevy shoud have done the Camaro. Not having to search for the paddles anymore. Little things are what make a great car.

Just wanted to tell you thanks for a great product. Got mine and I love them. Very well made product.
If it was up to me I would nominate you for the nobel peace price.
Outstanding work.

They look great and are very well made (real metal looks way better than painted plastic)
They match the interior perfectly
They install easily and fit well in the factory opening
They allow for a much easier operation of the tap sifter
I said it before but its worth saying twice: They look great!!
This is how GM should have done it in the first place

Mine arrived Wednesday - easy install, great fit & finish with no rough edges - this is how GM should've done the tap shifters. First drive with them was awesome - can't see why you'd ever want to drive in "D" again...

Great innovation - hope to see more from you - thanks !

Installed them a few days ago but finally really got to drive a good amount for the first time today...

In my g35, i drove in manual mode all the time when the +/- was activated by the shifter... in this car i never tap shifted for more than 5 minutes in a drive because id get bored and frustrated because i don't drive with my hands anywhere near the button locations

Now it is actually pretty fun to drive around in M using these... can't believe the difference.. worth every penny... thank you so much for all the effort and time that went into these... I hope you make a pretty penny from this !

These paddles are totally awesome! They install in minutes, look and feel great and interfere with NOTHING. Took a quick test drive, they shift with 0 effort and make tap shifting fun, FINALLY!

Drove to Boston yesterday and then up to Manchester NH about 150 miles .... They are great... , they work better than I expected. I hope that Ahmed makes plenty in the future on these.. Becouse he deserves it...  Chevy should contact Ahmed and offer this product in its factory performance catalogue. GREAT JOB!!! THANK YOU Ahmed!!

Here's a few more pictures. Man they feel great. I really wasn't expecting them to be so big. I love them. I'm glad they aren't some small chincy feeling paddles. Very top notch quality.

Whoohoo! Mine came today! Figures I just took my car into the dealer this morning so I can't install them yet. They look and feel amazing though. Very sturdy. They definitely will not bend during use. The packaging was very well done. I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase and absolutely cannot wait to get them installed and try em out. Great job Ahmed!!!! Fantastic product!!"

Absolutely perfect! Should have come this way from Chevy and looks like they could have. They are that nice! " Took all of 2 minutes to install including adding a thin piece of foam like in the OEM buttons (used 1/8" adhesive marine weather stripping I had on the shelf in the garage).

Just as a comparison, I had, well still have, that other shifter paddle kit which cost $88 more and was kind of a joke. It interfered with the high beam & washer operation & in the heat here had to be adjusted almost every time I got in the car until it ran out of adjuster screw & I had to take it off. This set fits & operates like it's factory, doesn't interfere with any of the controls and looks like they're out of a super car or something.

Hands down the best $100 mod I've done (or seen for that matter) on any car I've ever owned!

Thanks Ahmed!

 Arrived, great packing, already on!!! looks and feels great...

Got my Paddle Shifters in the mail today to my surprise! That was fast shipping Ahmed and I thank you so much! These paddles are nicely done and packaged well as he showed someone who questioned him about them possibly rubbing together in shipping. They came in a nice black bag which made me think of the purple Crown Royal bag. As Ahmed displayed they also were individually packaged in plastic and bubble wrapped.

I would rather do this mod instead of an CAI which is almost double in price... with this you actually feel the difference i didn't think i was going to need it or like it because I'm maggie charged. which my car already takes off fast so i told my cousin i would give it to him...
i got it when it first came out and i still have it in my car i would never get rid of it. I love it it makes the car feel like a whole different car the throttle response is awesome
would recommend this to anyone you will not regret it

Great addition to my car, 2013, LFX A6, CAI, Magnaflow X-pipe muffler delete 21/2 inch out the back. Installed it yesterday, experimented last night and drove around some today. I live in the mountains so I drive alot on twisty roads, I'm liking the SP7 setting the most. To me (old hot rod guy) makes the car feel as if now there is a mechanical connection between the engine and the go pedal. Before the install my experience was when leaving an apex of a corner the car would seem to take just to much time building exit power, now because the engine is much quicker to respond the car exits a corner with authority, I thought today as I played around 'now that's how this thing should feel'. I'm looking forward to going to PIR when winters is over to see how much the car has improved (2.0ish 60 foot with a best of 14.4's for now). So far I am pleased with it and pleased with the service, I feel it was a 180 bucks well spent and I recommend this to everybody.

 It's a nice mod. I would have to say that out of all of the things I've done to my car, the VTC was the most bang for the buck. If I bought a new Camaro today, the first thing I would get is another controller. It doesn't add any HP, but it sure makes the car a lot more fun to drive.

Didn't get to play with it alot, but I do have fairly good distance to drive to work. Drove with it on 5 to work in traffic. Drove home on 9. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised. I typically find that these sort of things tend to perform less than hoped. Not this thing, it does what it says it does. 5 was definitely noticeably different than the stock setting. When you pull off from a stop, accelerate you feel alot more of the torque much sooner. On 9 you feel all of the torque much sooner, I mean it pulls hard, and in a hurry. It honestly feels like the car is about 600 lbs lighter. I even tried a 5-3 downshift from 60 mph. I got put back in my seat at about half throttle, or less.
It made it drive you would expect a 426HP car to drive. Very cool so far on day one. Can't wait to spend a whole day dedicated to checking it out.
What I don't like about it...I think I'm going to be dumping some money into a CAI and headers much sooner than originally planned. The bug is starting to bite.

Installed one today on my 2010 SS LS3, installation took less than 20 minutes and that included programming. I have read alot of posts about how much of an improvement in throttle response there would be. Put me on the list of satisfied customers. Its like night and day difference in the throttle response. Setting 5 works for me, put it on 9 and watch out man!!!!

 If your are still thinking about buying a vitesse controller, you should buy one! I just got mine today installed it (plug and play). It is freaking awesome . It's like I bought a new car. I know this is a little redundant . But man oh man ! I just wanted to drive around all day. All camaro owners should by one

 This is my first Mod on ride. I cannot believe this is a V6?!?!? OMG! Really lets you feel the power of the 320+HP without the Stock Restrictions on this engine. "Who needs a V8 with this Mod???" I was gonna upgrade to V8 and was regretting buying the V6. But after installing, this really really really changed my mind. Proud to be stickin with V6

Well it WAS my reason to leave the house! So I installed it yesterday, uninstalled it, dry humped it, then re-installed it again. After reading a few threads here, looking at the pictures they provided (whoever you were, thank you very much!), and using the included instructions - it could not have been any easier. It's literally plug and play. It was installed in about 20 minutes, the hardest part was gaining access to it. I slid my seat all the way back and actually laid on my back on the floor. I used a tooth pick, to push the grey clip-lock in then yanked the thing apart. After plugging it in and tie wrapping it up, it was programmed in about 1 minute. I mounted the controller under the middle display screen and ran the wire along the right side of the steering column and through the under part of the dash. You can't see anything but the "SP9" on the display - it's fantastic.

It's not the best buck 80 I've spent on the car, it's buck 80 I've ever spent. It really changes the car. I have the 6 and I have to say, anyone with 180 bucks and 20 minutes to spare should get this for them and their cars' sake. It makes the 6 what Chevy obviously wanted it to be. You will freekin' love it. I normally don't curse snow but we got several inches last night and I installed the VTC yesterday before it got here. Work was closed today and I was so pissed because I want to drive my car SO BAD!!!! Seriously, anyone with the 6, take your "other mods" savings, wait till you get a buck 80, and buy a VTC. I'll post a vid as soon as I can - it's going to be a couple days though. Mean time I can post pics, just let me know what you want to see.

It is SO easy because this is such a great product. It comes with double sided tape for mounting the controller, it even includes a small black tie wrap so you can run the wires where you want. They thought of everything AND provide it. There's a reason everyone here, including me, is flipping out about it - they should be.

Its one of the best mods that I have done so far. Like everyone says easy installation and easy programming. No more dead spot when you floor the gas peddle, as soon as you push the gas peddle the car hauls ass!!! I have a V6 and this mod makes it feel like a V8. I have it set at SP7 otherwise it brakes the tires loose! Do yourself a favor and buy this thing it kicks ass!!! You wont regret it.

Well I just installed the Vitesse controller today. I started immediately at SP5, most have said at that level I would feel a big difference and it would still be driveable.
It was crazy different. Not even close, now it feels like a car cranking out 400 to the rear wheels( I know that's not alot compared to some cars on here). But wow, so much more fun to drive
Of course its a manual since its a 1LE and it makes a big difference.
I am totally convinced. Have not tried going higher to SP9 and such.
I did go lower and you could feel the difference.

Seen a hundred threads already, so gonna just give a shout out to Vitesse Motorworks for an amazing product! Most exciting mod I've done thus far and I've done a few!